Damian Malnar is a Nashville based singer/songwriter and frontman of the independent pop/rock band, Lost Stars. He’s not the typical creative type though - when he was younger, he was on a path to a more “practical” career. Being an analytical and precise individual he always thought he would land in an atmosphere counting numbers rather than counting beats, but being such a natural talent at music, and having a strong group encouraging him, he decided to put his precision skills to work at Belmont University as a percussion major with a minor in songwriting.

As classes went on, his path once again shifted and he sought out more opportunities for songwriting rather than playing drums. He found a love of producing, writing, and creating stories with his peers among other aspiring artists. It wasn’t long before the right people started to take notice. He was invited to become a member of SESAC in 2016 and shortly after, found himself fronting a band for the first time.

Since then, Malnar has made massive strides as a musician, producer, and songwriter. From landing cuts with other independent artists, snagging tour spots and festivals with his band, Lost Stars, and getting his works on short lists for T.V. and film, this is only the beginning for the young blood. He will definitely be a contender for writers to watch in the 2019 season and onward.

Here are some of Damian's projects...

Lost Stars - Damian's alternative pop/rock band with Kansas City roots.  Their new record just released July 5th.
Once In A Lifetime
(Damian Malnar / Trey Warner / David Thulin)
Never Getting Over You
(Damian Malnar / Gavin Slate)
(Damian Malnar)
(Damian Malnar / Trey Warner / David Thulin)
No Turning Back
(Damian Malnar / Trey Warner / Charley Holden / Mike Robinson)
(Damian Malnar / Trey Warner / Charley Holden)
Kiera Lovelesspop singer/songwriter powerhouse from St. Louis.  Releasing"Stop" this fall
Stop MIX - (Kiera Loveless / Damian Malnar)
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Say It DEMO - (Kiera Loveless / Damian Malnar)
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Like A Fool DEMO - (Kiera Loveless / Damian Malnar / Trey Warner)
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Davis Mallory -  synth pop and EDM artist from Georgia.  About to release "Saturn's Rings"
Saturn's Rings - (Davis Mallory / Damian Malnar)
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Jackson Dreyer -  nu soul and r&b artist from Chicago.  Just released "Better Man"
Better Man - (Jackson Dreyer / Damian Malnar)
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This Ain't It DEMO - (Jackson Dreyer / Damian Malnar)
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Johnny Lucas - British rocker and frontman for indie rock band, Looking For Lucas.  Writer for Ten Ten Music
Nature DEMO - (Damian Malnar / Johnny Lucas)
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